Monday, September 17, 2012

What have I been doing?

Not blogging, obviously. I've been to sore to type.

So, I finally got a job a few weeks ago. I started teaching fitness classes. I am teaching 10 classes a week. And because of several factors, I cannot just dictate these classes - I end doing 60-90% of each class. On top of trying to stick to my marathon training plan - running around 50 miles a week. Let's just say there's been a lot of ice baths, ibuprofen, and wine in my life recently. Although I might just develop the best ass in Boston at this rate. And also a side of thunder thighs if I keep doing this many squats a week (and I'd really like to NOT purchase new jeans).

I am really hoping that over time I am able to do less in these classes, because it's certainly affecting my running. I am left either too tired or too sore to effectively finish runs. Also, it has taken me a while to figure out how to fuel myself for all this. I only eat certainly things before I teach for fear of stomach issues, and then I try to run later and realize I haven't eaten anything but Larabars, hardbolied eggs, and bananas and 3 miles into a run I have a huge crash.

So anyway. Running. Yes, I'm still doing it. This past week went pretty well considering my body was on the verge of cutting me off all week.

Monday - Yoga

Tuesday - Taught Conditioning, Ran 8 miles, 8:18 pace. Felt totally effortless.

Wednesday - Taught Step Training. Ran 3.17 miles. Set out to do 9 miles with 6x1000 at 5K pace. Around mile 2 I realized I was so hungry that I might not even make it home. Stumbled to the nearest neighborhood and devoured a sandwich at Panera. I might have scared the other patrons.

Thursday - Taugh Conditioning. Taught Abs. Ran 4 miles on the treadmilll between classes. Those stupid gym treadmills autmatically forced me to cool down after 30 minutes. I was in the middle of a faster interval (7:15 pace) and I got irrationally angry and quit (I was going to do 6 miles). Dumb.

Friday - Ran 10.4 miles, SLOWLY. 9:30 pace. I don't think I've done a long run that slow in a long, long time. My legs and body were so spent that honestly I'm shocked I made it that far.

Saturday - 60 minute spin class. Yes, I might be a masochist. I want to eventually teach spin, but I need to shadow someone, so I chose to do it Saturday. It actually felt really good to do something low impact for a while. Although it left my ankles and calves sore. Yay. More ibuprofen.

Sunday - Ran 17 miles, 8:49 pace. I wasn't even sure I could get out the door, and put it off until mid-afternoon. I eventually accepted my fate and set out to run the Charles. The first 8 miles were an enormous struggle. Only a few miles in I told myself it was okay to just do half now and half later that night. But somewhere along the way I zoned out and decided that if I ran far enough out, I'd have no choice but to run back (yes, I see the logic is flawed, but it worked).
I eventually hit a good rhythm after the halfway point and finished out pretty strong (and uphill to boot). I then came home and ate my weight in Chinese food and did hot/cold contrast therapy like it was my job. We have a separate tub/shower, so I fill the tub with cold water and sit in it for as long as I can stand (usually about 3 minutes), and then I get in the hot shower. I then repeat this process two more times. I swear it's the only reason I could walk (and do what felt like a million jump squats) today.

So, here I am. Trying to find a balance between training others and training myself for the next 5 weeks. Everyone talks about the 'taper crazies', but honestly, I'm looking forward to it. I am very grateful that I can run, and that I am ultimately glad I decided to take on another marathon, but I'm not sure if I'm cut out for marathons. I'm looking forward to toeing the line on race day and throwing down the best race I can, but after that, I am going to focus on more balance training and give my feet and joints a rest from the pavement pounding.

And now for the photo portion of my blog:

Planning a revolution
Our friends came to visit for the weekend and Molly and I ran into these lads. So of course we had to get a photo. I pinky swear I wasn't wearing a belly shirt (I am far too old for that).

Game Day ready
Kenny and Darla, dressed for our first SEC game. Hold the MFing phone, we beat Auburn! And we are now 3-0! Who is this football team we've gotten this year? I don't know how it happened, but I am thoroughtly enjoying it (we love our college football in this household).

You know you said it a Ron Burgundy voice in your head
And just because. HAIL STATE!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Weekly Recap - MOAR RUNNING

Look at me, doing a weekly recap the day after the week actually ends! What a novel concept. I am all-together lacking the part of my brain that is in charge of organization (it was taken over long ago by song lyrics and pop culture trivia).

This week started kinda shaky but ended up being just fine. I battle some headaches Monday and Tuesday, that got much worse when when I ran. I rarely ever get headaches. I have no idea what caused it - but I think it may have been a little dehydration and possibly some salt imbalances. I became more mindful of my hydration and felt much better by Wednesday.

My week looked something like this:

Monday: rest. My husband had been away for 10 days and I really wanted to hang out with him, rather than go to a yoga class.

Tuesday: Headache all day. Finally decided to run at 7pm. Major fail, threw in the towel at 4.6 miles, 8:37 avg. pace.

Wednesday: 4 miles AM, around MGP (8:00 pace). Ran to the grocery store. 5.5 miles PM with the husband, 8:18 pace.

Thursday: scheduled rest day, but I had mileage to make up. 4 miles, 8:35 pace.

Friday: Friday was a ROUGH day. I got late notice on Thursday for step aerobics audition on Friday morning, and I was really nervous about it and stayed up late practicing my moves. I couldn't sleep - I maybe got 3.5 hours of sleep and then proceeded to really blow the audition. I was so tired and so deflated after that, but still had 12 miles on my training schedule. It was also very hot by the time I got to run (11 am) - around 85 degrees. I struggled hard to maintain a 9:15 pace for 11 miles before I threw in the towel.

And if Friday couldn't get worse - around 8 miles into my suckfest run, I dropped the mic cover that had just been given to me at the audition (I'll need it for the classes I start teaching tomorrow) and the breeze picked up. I chased after it, trying to dive down and grab it at least 3 times. I finally caught it (whew) but not after my calve muscles had totally seized up and my entire right side hurt.

Saturday: Recovery - 5 miles, 10:00 pace. I seriously cannot believe my husband and I ran that slow. It was moving day in Boston, and we live in college student central, so it was really comical to see the moving day craziness. I probably had to dodge 100 tube TVs and at least 15 mattresses. Also, my calves were so sore from my stumbling the day before (see above) - they felt like I had golf balls in them. Not cool. But I felt much better after the run was over.

Sunday: 20 miles, 8:56 average pace. The weather was gorgeous - maybe like 70 degrees. We took it easy and just cruised. I really wanted to pick up the pace and GO in the last 5 miles but my husband was not a fan, so we stayed even. It was SO nice to finally have a long run that felt really successful. I feel much better now about how I will fair at the main event in October. I still think it's a long shot to BQ, but like I told my husband, what do I have to lose? I am just going to put it out there and see what happens.

And that's a wrap! Total mileage for the week: 54 miles. Another new personal high.

Scenes from last week:

Bit the bullet and just ordered boxes of chews and gels. It's like our little personal running store.

Christen wears lipstick (actually lipstain if we are being technical). I always feel SO weird wearing lip color.

My fortune cookie. Don't worry, I don't get it either. Side note: I met some girlfriends for dinner one night, and my husband ordered $50 of Chinese takeout. He should not be left alone, apparently. Also, I ate Chinese food for 3 days. I won't complain.

Recovery drink of champions. I hate protein powder. Milk has protein, it's real food, I like it. Win.

My girl, Darla, ruining my throw pillows. When I bought those I totally envisioned them being her personal perch (/sarcasm). Good thing she's cute.

I also did some cooking this week as well (GASP, I know). I made the Fit Sugar recipe for zuchini carrot bread that I discovered through SUAR. It was awesome. I actually cut the sugar in half and it rocked. Down side? My husband now thinks I should bake all the time (he can probably count on one hand the times I've baked something in the 7 years we've been married).

I also made the Chicken Enchilada Slower Cooker Stew from Frayed Laces. It was so easy and SO good. I actually used Trader Joes' frozen Soy-cutash (because I did not have black beans, and I love edamame) and I added a jar of Muir Glen Salsa just because, and it came out delicious. Further proof that slow cookers are amazing.

Onto next week! MOAR RUNNING, now with a side of fitness classes! I predict soreness in my immediate future...