Monday, June 24, 2013

Sort-of RWP - 31 Weeks

Hi there!

So I totally didn't update last week. I was out of town for most of week 30, and then I was only back in town for a few days before we headed out to Cape Cod for a long weekend. Also, there hasn't been much running or exercising in general in these last two weeks!

After my fall, I think I was hesitant to get back out there. I also had some hip/knee/back pain for about a week afterward - which is understandable. Around the time I felt like I was ready to run again, I went to Mississippi to visit family and have a baby shower with friends and family (more on that later). It was consistently 95+ degrees everyday I was there, which is WAY too hot for me to even think about running outside. Also, my parents live in the country, and I am terrified of the snakes/bugs/spiders/coyotes/aggressive dogs that I'd undoubtedly encounter. I did a couple sessions of prenatal yoga, but that was it.

I came back to Boston at the start of week 31. I had my first experience with wicked heartburn (damn you, airport sandwiches) and K and I celebrated our 8th anniversary (yay!). I also had a checkup with my midwife - everything looks great - my weight and measurements are right on track and he's still head down (stay there, little guy!).  I did finally go out for a 3 mile run on Thursday and felt really good - it was a slow slog with a few 30 second walk breaks, but it still counts! I do joke that if I get any slower, I'm not going to be able to call it running anymore!

I had a fabulous baby shower at my mother's house last weekend - she and my sister have really jumped into this whole Pinterest thing and they really outdid themselves on the "Ahoy, it's a boy" theme. I walked right into that theme, considering K is in the Navy, ha. I haven't lived in MS in almost a decade, so it was really touching to see so many family and friends there! I think we ended up having at least 30 people there - I'm glad we made a lot of food for them!
My mom made that banner. She is so talented!

Sister and Mom. Note - I am only 5'4". They are both pocket-sized!

Adorable (and delicious red velvet) cake

Nautical details - lifesaver napkin rings!

Anchor fruit skewers

We went to Cape Cod for the first time since living in MA! It was fabulous - such a change of pace from city life here in Boston. We walked a lot - our hotel was about a mile from Provincetown town center, so we walked 4+ miles each day. I also ate all the seafood and ice cream I possibly could! We took our dog, Darla, with us and she had a blast. Provincetown was voted one of the most dog-friendly cities in America, and I can totally see why! She was welcome in almost all the shops, restaurant patios, and beaches there. We relaxed and got a little time in the sun too - I even wore a bikini! I really didn't see the point in buying a maternity swimsuit that I'd only wear 1-2 times, so I just went for it. It felt good to get a little sun on my glowing orb of a belly. :)


Darla LOVES to chase the breaking waves

Poolside at 31 weeks!

Race Point Beach

And another photo share - we had our photos taken for marketing materials by my insurance company at 27 weeks - they were gracious enough to give me all the photos from our session! It was a gray day but they came out great!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

RWP - Week 29 Edition

There isn't a lot to talk about in the way of running this week. There's also an explanation for that. I'll get to that later. I only had two workouts last week - yoga on Monday and a 3-mile run on Wednesday. The good news from this week: I passed the 2-hour glucose challenge on Tuesday with flying colors - and it didn't make me feel ill at all! Whew.

Late on Thursday afternoon, I decided I wanted to go out for a run. My husband had set out in one direction for a 6 mile run, so I decided I'd go the opposite direction and get in 2 or 3 miles. About .3 miles into this run, on a street I frequently traverse, I tripped on an uneven sidewalk and fell in a spectacular fashion. I wasn't going very fast (uphill and pregnant = basically speedwalking) but I flew forward and and turned and landed on my left side. My forearm and knee took the brunt of the fall. I was pretty stunned and just rolled onto my back and laid there for about 30 seconds to catch my breath.

Sidenote: There was a college-aged girl walking toward me who saw all of this happen, and walked right by me without even acknowledging me or even making eye contact. I mean, seriously? I didn't expect her to be able to do much, but if I saw a pregnant woman trip and fall, I would at least ask if she was okay. Cold! I hope she's never in my position, because it wasn't a good feeling. 

So, I got up, dusted off, and walked back to my house. My arm, elbow, hand and knee were pretty scraped up, but otherwise, I think it just shook me up. My husband got home later and we decided I should probably call my doctor, even though I didn't fall on my stomach. I called and talked to the doctor on call, and they asked me to come in. We ended up spending the next 4 hours at L&D for monitoring. Baby was totally fine - steady heartrate and spend a good portion of the night using the fetal monitors as kicking/punching targets! On a positive note, we got a preview of the facilities and the staff, who were all incredibly nice and accommodating. We were released to go home around midnight - and I thanked them, but told them I didn't want to see them again until baby K is born!

We had friends coming into town to visit on Friday, so I used the weekend to recover and not think about exercising. We did a lot of walking and pastry-eating and it was glorious.

The doctor on call was also a runner himself, and really encouraged me to keep going if I felt like it. I am still a little sore and bruised (I should probably visit the chiropractor, I'm having some upper back pain) so I will possibly revisit the idea of running in a couple days. My husband is very nervous about me running now (rightly so, I guess!), and feels like that I shouldn't run unattended anymore. He will run with me, so maybe I'll take him up on that offer.

I also bought a 15 lb kettlebell last week, so I'll use it more for my workouts. We have set of Powerblock adjustable dumbbells, but they are very large and I'm often finding them awkward to maneuver around my belly.

So, no running photo this week. But I promise I will make up for it next week!

Monday, June 3, 2013

RWP - Week 28 Edition

Hello, third trimester! I am feeling large and in charge these days. I seriously can't believe I have 11 more weeks to keep expanding (I will be 29 weeks tomorrow). Hold me, I'm scared.

So it was a somewhat uneventful week. We had friends in town staying with us most of the week, so I cut myself some slack and spent more time hanging out with them rather than working out. And I'm okay with that! 

I am definitely finding that it's getting harder to do everyday tasks. Putting on socks is a workout in itself - bending over to reach them compresses my lungs and sometimes I have to sit up to 'take a break' and catch my breath. My husband and I have switched sides of the bed as well - my side was very close the to wall (about 12") and it was getting really hard to shimmy out of bed for multiple bathroom breaks a night! And in totally pathetic news, I strained an oblique/side muscle just rolling over from my side to back while sleeping. Pregnancy: Expert level achieved. 

So last week was a little all over the place with workouts:

Monday: deep cleaned my house. This counts as a workout, dammit.
Tuesday: off
Wednesday: Ran 3 miles, 9:54 avg; 45 min yoga (Prenatal Vinyasa Flow)
Thursday: off 
Friday: 45 minutes bike trainer (est. 15 miles)
Saturday: Strength circuits, 30 min
Sunday: Ran 3 miles, 10:37 avg (some walk breaks, it was almost 80 degrees)

It was also INSANELY hot this week in Boston. 3 days in the 90s, and several others in the 80s - and humid. I would normally tough it out, but now isn't the time to push it and overheat or get dehydrated. I avoided exercising outdoors for most of the week for this reason alone. Last week's weather was totally nuts - the temps literally doubled in 5 days!

The few runs that happened last week went okay. There's some lingering ligament pain in my sides and right under my belly (which is sometimes more irritated by the support belt). My calves and shins feel a little better this week, so that's a plus.
28 weeks. Feeling large.
The bad news from last week is that I failed my 1-hour glucose test. :( I was 4 points over the cutoff. Blah. I go tomorrow for the 3-hour test, which is sure to make me super cranky - fasting is not pleasant while pregnant! Fingers crossed I pass this one.