Monday, June 24, 2013

Sort-of RWP - 31 Weeks

Hi there!

So I totally didn't update last week. I was out of town for most of week 30, and then I was only back in town for a few days before we headed out to Cape Cod for a long weekend. Also, there hasn't been much running or exercising in general in these last two weeks!

After my fall, I think I was hesitant to get back out there. I also had some hip/knee/back pain for about a week afterward - which is understandable. Around the time I felt like I was ready to run again, I went to Mississippi to visit family and have a baby shower with friends and family (more on that later). It was consistently 95+ degrees everyday I was there, which is WAY too hot for me to even think about running outside. Also, my parents live in the country, and I am terrified of the snakes/bugs/spiders/coyotes/aggressive dogs that I'd undoubtedly encounter. I did a couple sessions of prenatal yoga, but that was it.

I came back to Boston at the start of week 31. I had my first experience with wicked heartburn (damn you, airport sandwiches) and K and I celebrated our 8th anniversary (yay!). I also had a checkup with my midwife - everything looks great - my weight and measurements are right on track and he's still head down (stay there, little guy!).  I did finally go out for a 3 mile run on Thursday and felt really good - it was a slow slog with a few 30 second walk breaks, but it still counts! I do joke that if I get any slower, I'm not going to be able to call it running anymore!

I had a fabulous baby shower at my mother's house last weekend - she and my sister have really jumped into this whole Pinterest thing and they really outdid themselves on the "Ahoy, it's a boy" theme. I walked right into that theme, considering K is in the Navy, ha. I haven't lived in MS in almost a decade, so it was really touching to see so many family and friends there! I think we ended up having at least 30 people there - I'm glad we made a lot of food for them!
My mom made that banner. She is so talented!

Sister and Mom. Note - I am only 5'4". They are both pocket-sized!

Adorable (and delicious red velvet) cake

Nautical details - lifesaver napkin rings!

Anchor fruit skewers

We went to Cape Cod for the first time since living in MA! It was fabulous - such a change of pace from city life here in Boston. We walked a lot - our hotel was about a mile from Provincetown town center, so we walked 4+ miles each day. I also ate all the seafood and ice cream I possibly could! We took our dog, Darla, with us and she had a blast. Provincetown was voted one of the most dog-friendly cities in America, and I can totally see why! She was welcome in almost all the shops, restaurant patios, and beaches there. We relaxed and got a little time in the sun too - I even wore a bikini! I really didn't see the point in buying a maternity swimsuit that I'd only wear 1-2 times, so I just went for it. It felt good to get a little sun on my glowing orb of a belly. :)


Darla LOVES to chase the breaking waves

Poolside at 31 weeks!

Race Point Beach

And another photo share - we had our photos taken for marketing materials by my insurance company at 27 weeks - they were gracious enough to give me all the photos from our session! It was a gray day but they came out great!

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  1. You look great! I love the dress you wore to your shower. And your mom and sister did such a great job! I'm impressed by all the attention to detail.

    Glad you finally made it out to the Cape. One of my favorite places to visit when I lived in MA/RI (and now that I'm landlocked, of course, I feel like we took it for granted). Ptown is such a fun place to visit -- awesome vibe, delicious food, and beautiful views! Walking out to the tip of the Cape is pretty neat too.