Monday, June 3, 2013

RWP - Week 28 Edition

Hello, third trimester! I am feeling large and in charge these days. I seriously can't believe I have 11 more weeks to keep expanding (I will be 29 weeks tomorrow). Hold me, I'm scared.

So it was a somewhat uneventful week. We had friends in town staying with us most of the week, so I cut myself some slack and spent more time hanging out with them rather than working out. And I'm okay with that! 

I am definitely finding that it's getting harder to do everyday tasks. Putting on socks is a workout in itself - bending over to reach them compresses my lungs and sometimes I have to sit up to 'take a break' and catch my breath. My husband and I have switched sides of the bed as well - my side was very close the to wall (about 12") and it was getting really hard to shimmy out of bed for multiple bathroom breaks a night! And in totally pathetic news, I strained an oblique/side muscle just rolling over from my side to back while sleeping. Pregnancy: Expert level achieved. 

So last week was a little all over the place with workouts:

Monday: deep cleaned my house. This counts as a workout, dammit.
Tuesday: off
Wednesday: Ran 3 miles, 9:54 avg; 45 min yoga (Prenatal Vinyasa Flow)
Thursday: off 
Friday: 45 minutes bike trainer (est. 15 miles)
Saturday: Strength circuits, 30 min
Sunday: Ran 3 miles, 10:37 avg (some walk breaks, it was almost 80 degrees)

It was also INSANELY hot this week in Boston. 3 days in the 90s, and several others in the 80s - and humid. I would normally tough it out, but now isn't the time to push it and overheat or get dehydrated. I avoided exercising outdoors for most of the week for this reason alone. Last week's weather was totally nuts - the temps literally doubled in 5 days!

The few runs that happened last week went okay. There's some lingering ligament pain in my sides and right under my belly (which is sometimes more irritated by the support belt). My calves and shins feel a little better this week, so that's a plus.
28 weeks. Feeling large.
The bad news from last week is that I failed my 1-hour glucose test. :( I was 4 points over the cutoff. Blah. I go tomorrow for the 3-hour test, which is sure to make me super cranky - fasting is not pleasant while pregnant! Fingers crossed I pass this one.


  1. Look at you! Looking good. :) Sorry about the glucose test. Good luck with the next one.

  2. I wanted to ask you about how you tie up your hair when you exercise.

    I have to use like three ponytail holders in my hair just to keep my hair up but it still isn't tight enough to hold it up. It drives me crazy. What do you do?

    1. Liz - I typically use really big, strong ponytail holders. I use the Scunci The Evolution ponytail holders a lot - they are rubbery and really don't slip (you can find them at any drugstore or Target/Walmart). However, be careful removing them - they can pull some hairs out if you aren't gentle.

      I always wear a headband or hat, and I usually braid my ponytail to keep it from tangling so much. I sometimes like to put hair gel on each section right before I braid it to keep the braid in place. Hope that helps!