Tuesday, May 28, 2013

RWP - Week 27 Edition

So I said this wouldn't turn into a pregnancy blog, but I guess it sort of has... oops. I mean, it's about pregnancy AND running at this point, so I think it counts. :)

This week was not as successful in the running department. We had a few busy days, and the fatigue hit me like a brick wall this week. I also had a terrible time with sleep this week, which didn't help either.

My fitness week:

Monday: 1 hour yoga
Tuesday: 30 min bike trainer
Wednesday: off - we were in CT most of the day, crap sleep.
Thursday: Ran 2.5 miles
Friday: off (crap sleep again)
Saturday: Lots of walking. At least 3 miles.
Sunday: Run to Remember 5-Miler - 46:12, 9:15 avg.

So as you can see it was a little light on activity. Also, I failed again at any real strength training. I'll try to work on this again this week. After a very cold and rainy week, we are forcasted to have a VERY hot week this week - potentially 3-4 days in the 90s! So I might have to take most of my workouts indoors this week - overheating while pregnant is bad news!

There were a few successes. I finally found some prenatal yoga that was challenging and made me break a sweat! I bought two videos from yogadownload.com - I bought the Power Prenatal (70 min) and Prenatal Vinyasa Flow (45 min). The Power Prenatal was fantastic. I loved that it included balance poses and challenges such as pushups and squat holds. I will definitely continue to use them over the rest of my pregnancy.

Then there was Boston's Run to Remember on Sunday. We had some really crappy weather over Memorial Day weekend - it rained Friday-Sunday and it was freezing. The temps at race start were in the mid-40s! But it was a REALLY fantastic race. I'd originally signed up for the half marathon before I got pregnant, but ultimately dropped back to the 5-miler (my husband did the half). The Run to Remember is in honor of fallen law enforcement - which as you can imagine, took on a whole new meaning this year after the Boston marathon bombings and the subsequent loss of MIT officer Sean Collier. It was incredibly touching to see a sea of people wearing bibs on their backs with the number '179' in honor of him. There was law enforcement there from all over the country, and the crowd was a sea of American flags, and Boston Marathon blue and yellow.

Squeezed into my Boston shirt. No hiding that belly!

I really got into the spirit of the race in general, and even though my legs felt weighed down from the bowling ball at my mid-section and my shins ached, all I could keep thinking is how fortunate I was that I COULD run. I got progressively faster with each mile and finished strong and felt really good.

My husband said that the Cambridge and MIT police lined Memorial Drive on the half marathon course. He said it was really inspiring!

And as always, it's really fun to see people's facial expressions and reactions to getting passed by a pregnant runner. :) As of today, I am 28 weeks pregnant - 3rd trimester! It really makes all of it feel more real for sure!

I wear non-running clothes sometimes. :)

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