Monday, May 20, 2013

RWP - Week 26 Edition

Another week in the books! I don't think I've ever counted weeks in my life until I was pregnant. I also have to remind myself sometimes that a lot of people don't even understand pregnancy in terms of weeks, so I find my terrible pregnant brain scrambling to count months (which usually involves counting on my fingers like I am 7 years old). I swear my brain is functioning on an amoeba level these days.

So this week was pretty successful in terms of running and exercising in general. I ran 3 times, walked a few times, and rode my bike trainer twice. I only got in one strength workout - I need to work on that this week. I used to be a morning runner, but I find it really hard to get going in the mornings these days - I seem to have the most energy to workout in the late afternoon. I am fortunate to now have an open schedule, so I am rolling with it. I am a lot more tired these days - many days I really want a nap, or to just lay down for an hour and rest, even if I don't sleep. Who knew growing a human was so taxing?

My week:

Monday: off
Tuesday: walked 2 miles, spend 30 min on the bike trainer (estimated 10 miles)
Wednesday: Ran 3 miles (9:22 avg), strength workout (30 min)
Thursday: 30 min bike trainer (10 miles)
Friday: Ran 5 miles (10:16 avg)
Saturday: walked 2 miles
Sunday: Ran 4 miles (9:48 avg)

So I sort of met my goal of 14 miles for my 26th week - although I would have to count a few of those walking miles to get there. My shins are still irritated (it appears this might be something I have to deal with until the end of this pregnancy) so for now the plan is to run every other day, and to cycle or walk in between.

I have downloaded a 70 minute "Power Prenatal" yoga video and will attempt it today. I have been totally underwhelmed by all the other prenatal yoga I've tried - I think I would have been better off if I'd just taken a nap. This one promised that "you'll feel it" so we will see.

This was a big weekend in our household because my husband graduated with a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering! I seriously don't understand 95% of what he does, but I know he's hella smaht. :)

Yes, those are light bulb cuff links.
He might be nerdy... and also wearing seersucker.
He's a walking contradiction.


No running pic this week (husband wasn't home to take one for me).
26 weeks, no hiding it these days!
Also, I am totally getting a haircut this week.

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