Thursday, May 16, 2013

RWP (Running While Pregnant)

Running has been happening recently! So I felt like I actually could blog about it. It has been super slow and sluggish at times... but it's still happening.

22 weeks (that's a lot of red)
Top: lululemon (6), Capris: Nike (M)

23 weeks (that's a lot of neon)
Top: Faded Glory (Walmart) Maternity, Shorts: Under Armour (M), ProCompression socks

I am currently 26 weeks pregnant. Where did time go? It's crazy that I'll be in my last trimester in less than two weeks! I finished teaching fitness classes about two weeks ago (the semester ended) so I have had much more time for running. My current goal is to run in miles the number of weeks I have left in my pregnancy. For example, at 26 weeks pregnant, I am aiming to get at least 14 miles this week. I stay on track much better when I have a goal, and I thought this one was kind of fun!

Unfortunately, I have started having signs of shin splints. I have never really had them before, so it definitely caught me off-guard. I think it's a combination of pounding the hard gym floors for 4+ hours a day for 5 months, plus the weight gain and balance shift that comes with being pregnant. I'm managing pretty well - I pretty much live in compression socks/sleeves, and I ice my legs a lot.

I did manage to run 15 miles in week 25! It was my first week back really running in a while, so I tried to be super conservative and not anger my shins any further. I ran 5 days last week, each time around 2.5-3.5 miles. My pace is also conservative these days - around 9:15-10:00 miles. While I can't lie, feels really lame. But it's all for a good cause, right? :)
24 weeks (that's a lot of black, and not a flattering top at all)
Top: Old Navy, Shorts: Old Navy Maternity (they are the BEST ones I've found, bought online), CEP calf sleeves

We did go join a run club for group run last week at City Sports, and I definitely noticed one girl who could not stand being passed by the pregnant girl! I felt really good that day, and even managed a 8:15 mile during the 3.5 mile group run. She almost jumped in front of a moving car TWICE at intersections in attempts to get in front of me. She went into an all out sprint at the end, even darting into the street to get around the pedestrian traffic that slowed me down. It was hilarious. I hope she feels better about herself. :)

What's getting difficult is that I feel so different from day to day. It's hard to be consistent when you feel on top of the world one day, and the next day it feels like a chore just to climb the stairs. I have to remind myself that any exercise is good, and good for my baby boy.

By the end of week 25 my shins were screaming at me, so I took off Sunday & Monday, and rode my new bike trainer on Tuesday. I rejoined the running world yesterday with 3 miles at a 9:15 pace and felt great. I may go to alternating days of riding and running.

I have also purchased a maternity support belt, which helps out my bladder a LOT. It makes my bump look weird, but who cares? I don't have to pee at mile 0.75 now, so that's a big victory! I purchases the Pea in the Pod Ultimate Maternity support belt in small - I know a lot of people recommend the Gabriella, but as I felt like it was too big/wide for my short torso. I really like the one I got. I purchased some inexpensive women's compression shorts in a size bigger than I normally wear, and I place the belt over the top of those shorts, and then wear a pair of looser running shorts over them. I

25 weeks - back to the bright colors, and first run with the maternity support belt, total bladder saver!
Top - Asics Emma singlet (M), Shorts - Danskin (both pairs), CEP socks

I have also continued to strength train. I really don't want to lose all the fitness I worked suffered so hard for over the last 5 months! haha. I stopped doing supine core work about a month ago, but everything else was fine until the last few weeks. I've noticed how my hips and knees feel less stable (thanks, relaxin) so I've had to stop doing weighted lower body work - I am now just doing bodyweight squats and lunges. Pushups are insanely hard now as well - I used to have no problem pushing out a set of twenty on my toes, but with the extra weight on my belly I have been banished to doing them on my knees, and even those are way harder than they have ever been before! I have modified by placing my handing on yoga blocks to give me a little more space as well. This was yesterday's workout (20 reps each exercise, 2 rounds of each set):

The plan is to continue all this for as long as I can! We have an appointment for an ultrasound tomorrow - little guy was not being cooperative at the 20 week anatomy scan, so they need to try again to get some clear images of all his organs. Stubborn already in utero! He is also super active at night... I hope this doesn't mean he is going to be up all night when he arrives! :)

I have one more race left - a 5-miler next weekend. I'm pretty excited for it - I'm hoping someone else amuses me with the game of 'pass the preggo' again!

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  1. Great job staying active! I hope the shin splints let up. BTW, I also hope that girl feels better about herself. ha