Monday, July 1, 2013

RWP - 32 Weeks

I am happy to report that Week 32 went much better than the past few weeks! I mean, I can't lie - I am uncomfortable as hell at times. I am relatively short and short-waisted, so this baby is coming up into my ribcage and making it hard to breathe! But for the most part, everything is good. I just feel like a whale and I am sort of horrified that I still have 7 weeks (or even more, SHUDDER) to go. haha.

So my week of workouts looked like this:

Monday: 30 minutes bike trainer (continuous hill climb), strength workout (Kettlebell Squats, Rows/Presses, Lunges, Pushups, Dead lifts)
Tuesday: 20 min bike trainer
Wednesday: rest
Thursday: Preggo brick workout - Ran 3 miles, 20 minutes bike trainer
Friday: 45 min bike trainer (slow, heavy climb)
Saturday & Sunday: rest

I have been battling bad head cold + chest congestion + cough all week, so it made workouts somewhat challenging. Saturday in particular was really awful - I was severely congested AND had a recurrence of first-trimester-like all-day nausea. Apparently this is quite common in the third trimester. NOT FAIR, pregnancy. I thought I done with that mess! 

Also, until I wrote this blog post, I REALLY thought I'd run twice last week. Pregnancy brain strikes again. The one run felt really good - I have taken to walking about 1/4 to 1/3 mile to warm up, and then in my 3 mile loop I usually take 1-2 short walk breaks (>30 sec). When running, my pace tends to hover right around 10/min miles, which I'm totally okay with! I haven't been a huge fan of my support belt lately though - it seems to irritate my round ligament pain more. I still wear it but I've worn it looser and it felt a lot better. Everyone is different!

Where did my shoes go? 

I intended to run yesterday, but we had an all-day childbirth class, after which my husband decided that it was time to go buy ALL the newborn essentials. Ha! I guess that class made him realize that this baby is real and coming soon! So we had a fun jaunt to Target late yesterday afternoon. We also had to jaunt back when we realized that we'd somehow left two bags of goods at Target (that was not so fun). Also, on this note, WOW diapers are expensive. We are planning on starting to use cloth diapers when he is about 6 weeks old - my super talented seamstress mother is making them! We also ordered a stroller and a bassinet/playard. Now I just need that BOB jogging stroller and I will be good to go! :) Also next up on our agenda - buying a second car. Babies are expensive, yo!

2-in-1 Stroller (we ordered this green one) It's an umbrella stroller, and:
infant seat snap stroller. We figured we'd get a lot of use out of it!

We plan on having him sleep in the bassinet in our room.

Now, this is next on the wish list!

It's also officially July - how did that happen already? July is special because it's my birthday month. :) Also, I can now say, I'm having a baby next month! Yikes! I am super excited but also VERY nervous!

Now, let's see how long I can keep running. 33 weeks tomorrow!

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