Monday, July 15, 2013

RWP - 34 Weeks

Another week down!

This week started off fantastic and ended with exhaustion. Pregnancy is so weird. One day you feel like superwoman and the next it's a monumental effort to even get off the sofa!

I only exercised 3 days this week.

Tuesday - Ran 3.1 miles. Best run I've had in weeks! The temps and humidity were unseasonably low and I am sure that helped. My third mile was at a 9:40 pace! I haven't seen the 9:00s in at least a month. I felt totally exhilarated and thought running was looking up for me!

Thursday - Ran 3 miles. Hotter and humid again, but overall it was fine. Probably walked 1 mile of the 3.

Saturday - 2.9 miles. were in CT for the weekend so we took advantage of having a high school track very close by. I went pretty slow and walked about 1 mile of it.

Friday I woke up feeling a lot of bladder pressure and I went to see my midwife. Turns out everything was fine. I guess I've been lucky to not experience that until almost 35 weeks! My best guess is that he's running out of room and might have shifted a bit to make me feel the pressure. I am measuring right on track and gaining weight like a champ (ugh). I have officially gained 25 pounds. I am right on track with it, but I was hoping not to get to 30 lbs - but it looks like it will be inevitable.

Insomnia got me pretty hard over the weekend too. It's really my own fault - I went out of town and forgot to bring my Unisom. I don't sleep well anyway, but being away from home makes it even worse. I slept maybe 4-5 hours a night (of very broken sleep). Combined with being insanely hot all weekend, I ended up feeling like I'd been hit by a truck on Sunday. I felt like a cranky toddler - on the verge of tears for no reason all day! haha. Turns out I just needed a nap and a good night's sleep.

I am feeling large and in charge these days. My belly is starting to 'round out' at the top, and his feet are reaching levels of my ribcage that I never knew were possible! Deep breaths are definitely not happening.

On a good note, I got my very own car this week! We sold my car when we left California, since having two cars in Boston wasn't necessary. Since we're moving to a rural area soon, we'll need to have two cars again. After weeks of searching, I went with the VW Jetta Hybrid. I love it!

The Bump & The Car
I also had a lovely baby shower this weekend! My dear friends in CT threw a BBQ-baby shower this weekend. It was fantastic! It was great to see them and celebrate with them! This baby is so lucky and blessed already. :)
baby practice!

How cute is this? 

The whole crew!

I mustache you a question!

Guys, I have to admit, I am feeling myself slow down. And I fought it at first, but I'm considering caving into it. I walk so much slower, it takes me a few tries to get out of the car, and I hang on to every handrail on stairs and ramps. I mean, loading the dishwasher is painful and exhausting, ha. My head wants to keep exercising, but my heart doesn't. So we'll just see what this next week holds.

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