Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Almost time...

Yesterday: 4 miles, 7:43 avg. pace
Today: 4 miles, 8:19 avg. pace

This is half marathon week, so my mileage is a little low. I ran yesterday at 'race pace' and took today a little easier. I am always kind of at a loss for what to do during race week - I am hesitant to weight train normally, because them I run the risk of being sore on race day (I tend to life heavy and go 'all in' at the gym). So I will stick with doing lunges core work and spend the rest of my time stretching, foam rolling, and using The Stick.

We also stocked up today on Gu. I have a personal preference for the Roctane variety. The more caffeine the better! I basically consider caffeine one of my major food groups. :)

I also tend to eat a little more carbohydrates this week. Nothing crazy, just a few more sweet potatoes and maybe a little rice here and there. I'm not much of a grain person (other than oatmeal) so I just try to eat more this week.

What do you guys tend to do with your workout routine during race week?

What are your race fuel preferences?

And odd question: Does anyone know if I can take an empty water bottle in my carry on? I am a little paranoid about water during races - I like to have my own handbottle so I can drink when I want to drink, and not just at the water stops. But I also do not want to pay $25 to check my bag both ways for the pleasure of having a handbottle. I have seen people go through security with water bottles, but I am still unsure it it's actually okay. And I'd rather not lose a nice water bottle to the TSA! UPDATE: According to many travel forums and this site, it appears I can pack a totally empty, dry water bottle in my carry on. Score!

As of today, the high on race day is 80 degrees. Yikes! At least we're just running the half, and it starts at 8 am. I think the low is like 65 so it's not like it's going to be cool at the start - but at least we'll be done before 10.

Happy Tuesday!

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