Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Back in the routine

My blog hiatus is officially over. I have returned from Mississippi, and I was READY to come home. I love my family, but after not living at home for oh, 14 years, I need my own space and to be able to dictate my own schedule. My husband and my dog were very happy to see me.

Also, running in Mississippi was hard. I have a large family and a lot of obligations. Also, since just running out on the road wasn't an option, I had to find the time to get to the gym (which is a 20 min drive away). I only got in 3 runs, all between 5-7 miles. 2 were on a treadmill - BLAH.

While running on the treadmill on Sunday afternoon, I felt a pain in my chest when I started, but ignored it and kept going. Looking back on it, I'm pretty sure I strained a muscle in my chest, because it hurt for a couple of days - bad enough that I thought I should take a short running hiatus.

My husband and I went for a short 3 mile run today after I got back, but I was running on about 3 hours of sleep (6 AM flights should be illegal) and I just could not find the energy to get in a good rhythm. I think I need a good nap, and I'll try again tomorrow.

I came home to my cherry package that I won from Runner's Kitchen. Yes, I WON something! I feel so special! Who knew tart cherry juice was so delicious? I am looking forward to adding it to my recovery routine, since I prefer to consume natural products. I also got an adorable headband and a tote bag. I love all of it!

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