Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thursday: Back at the Grind

So today I had the joy of having a service appointment with the gas company. Because they obviously value my time SO much, the service window was FIVE HOURS (8am-1pm). I dragged myself out of bed and sat by the door until the guy showed up - at 12:58pm. Seriously??? I am pretty sure they did this just to irritate me, since they were a no-show at my last appointment and I let them know my displeasure in how they handled that situation. I can see some vengeful CS rep putting a note on my appointment saying "make that bitch wait until the last possible MINUTE."

So I finally got out for a run this afternoon - it truly was a glorious day here in Boston - sunny and about 70 degrees. I did sort of a tempo run, but I started too fast, dialed it back a bit, got bored and ran miles 4 and 5 at a 7:45 pace, and then I was almost dead and I still had to run the 2 miles to get back home. Not my brightest move. Dear Self: STOP running every single training run like it's a race. I swear I do this EVERY TIME and I KNOW it's dumb. I never thought I'd have to tell myself to SLOW DOWN but I guess this is now a necessity.

Anway, the stats:

7 miles, 59 minutes, 8:19 avg pace.

Since I screwed up my last week of training (I was far too occupied with eating my grandma's cooking), I think I sort of lost my focus. I was on FIRE the week before I left, but I don't feel that fire right now. Hopefully it's just my tiredness talking, considering I have a race in 10 days.

New Stuff

So I did get a few new things recently. First, my cherries headband - it's a Sweaty Band! I was dubious when I first looked at it, considering the inside is velveteen. But the tooth of the fabric keeps it right in place on my giant head and it's really comfy. I am a firm lover of my HALO headbands, but these could give them a run for it!
One creepy eye, to ensure you nightmares tonight
And I got the Asics Emma singlet. I saw one at the Nashville expo and liked the idea of the super breathable mesh fabric. I ended up finding it on sale on the Lady Foot Locker website (GREAT place to find deals on shoes and clothing, along with free shipping). I ordered a M because I'm a little on the busty side, but I kind of wish I'd have ordered a small. You never know! But it's super airy and I am already loving it on warm runs because I am a super sweaty person.
Look! Ghost boobs!

I'd like another one (in a Small) but I can't find a good sale, so I'll wait. :) 

I also got a new sports bra. I had a black one, but I needed another one, and since the only other option is white, that's what I got. I have owned a LOT of sports bras in my time, but I think this is the best one. Sports bras have come a LONG way in the last 5 years for us girls that have odd sizes. But the problem is usually that they are 1) hideously ugly or 2) they are harder than a Chinese finger trap to get on and off. Seriously, bra manufacturers, do you understand how difficult it is to pull a bra on over your head, and then attempt to hook three hooks behind your back (I'm looking at you, Moving Comfort)? Perhaps I'm special, but I find it to be almost impossible. Add long hair and a bum shoulder to that equation, and I just give up. Enter the Under Armour Endure bra:
Unfortunately the bra did not come with those killer arms

Yes, it zips in the FRONT. What a novel idea! Now I don't need to unhinge my shoulders and turn my head around backwards to put it on! Added bonus: it makes me look like I got a boob job. I sort of want to wear it all the time, just for that reason.

What's your favorite running gear? Spill it! And where do you find the best deals? I love a good sale!

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