Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back on Track

After I bitched and moaned my way through last week (if any of you actually read that drivel, I'm sorry) I ended up having a really good running week. I finally hit 50 miles! And I pretty much did it all with no real issues.

My training week looked like this:

Tuesday: 6 miles (treadmill, slow progression), lifted weights

Wednesday: 9.5 miles (5 on treadmill, 4 outside) in the AM, 4.5 miles in the evening

Thursday: 6 miles (recovery pace)

Friday: Yoga

Saturday: 6 miles + speed - 6x100m strides

Sunday: 16 miles (12 at 8:25 pace) AM, 2.5 miles with the dog PM

All in all it was a good week. I had a job interview for a fitness instructor position on Friday, and overworked my legs in practicing my choreography (I got the job!), and then my plan called for a speed workout on Saturday, so by Sunday my legs were really sore. I had aimed to do 12 of the 16 miles at GMP (8:10) but I just didn't have it in me, and I had to scale it back. The weather was beautiful over the weekend as well - both Saturday and Sunday's runs were done in sub 70 temps. It felt GLORIOUS.

This week has been fine as well. I hit the track today for the first time in a while to do 800s. Holy shit guys, 800s are HARD. And it didn't help that I didn't get to the track until almost noon (read: HOT). I did 5x800 with 400 recovery in between. The first two 800s were around 3:35, and then I forgot to time the third one (doh), and then 4 was 3:43, and the final one was 3:37. I feel like I could do better, but considering I haven't run on the track in months, I'll take it.

I am so stoked that cooler temperatures are finally within sight. I am over the dog days of summer.

Darla even got into running last week! She is decidedly not a runner dog - we've tried many times. But she did go out and do a 2.5 mile run/walk with me on Sunday night! I am a proud mama.

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