Thursday, June 28, 2012

Well hello there, double digits, we meet again...

I haven't run a double-digit run since exactly one month ago when I ran the Run to Remember half. If you have been following along (I don't really know why you would, my life is far from thrilling), I took an accidental run sabbatical and I've been working my way back to a normal schedule for the last few weeks. Today my schedule called for a 'general aerobic' 10-miler, so I told myself I'd do 8 or 9. But after I hit 6 I decided, why the hell not? What's another mile? And so I did it.

I also am being smart and following the book's prescribed method for these 'easy runs' - run easily for the first 3-5 miles, then pick up the pace to somewhere around 90% marathon goal pace. I had to loop back home for a quick pee stop around mile 3, and then kept it around a 9:15 pace until 5, and then climbed up to a peak of 8:11 for mile 9, and then back down around 8:40 for the last mile.


10.19 miles, 1:31, 8:52 avg. pace.

Also, fun things this week - I got chased by a turkey on Monday's 7-miler. I live in a heavily populated Boston neighborhood and the damn thing ran out of the bushes and scared the sh** outta me.

And then today, I almost got hit by a car. I was crossing the street when a car tried to make a quick left turn (although they did not have a turn signal!!!) and narrowly missed me. This has definitely been my least favorite part of living in Boston - the drivers fully live up to the Masshole moniker. It amazes me everyday how they just blatantly ignore the rules of the road and general act like their agenda is the most important thing in the world - more important than my safety as a pedestrian. /soapbox

I did a 90 minute yoga class yesterday - and was able to finally get side crow on both sides, and almost got a forearm stand. It's been a good week thus far!


  1. What book are you following? I'm sort of randomly flailing about with my runs and am on the lookout for a good program!

    1. Hi there! I am following the plan and techniques from Advanced Marathoning by Pfitzinger.

      I would highly recommend reading the entire book if you can! It really helped me understand how to train more effectively, and it generally helped me understand the method behind his marathon training plans (because they were unlike any other plan I'd used before). I bought the kindle version of the book but I kind of wish I had the physical copy so I could go through and highlight/bookmark all the stuff I want to remember!