Monday, July 2, 2012

We are in for a long summer...

In case you haven't noticed, or you live in some fabulous location where you are immune to heat waves (jealous side eye coming your way), it's HOT. And I do not run well in heat.

Yesterday my husband and I set out to run 13 miles, with 8 miles near goal marathon pace. We made the mistake of not waking until 6:30 and sort of slowing getting ready. We didn't get out the door until 8:00 or so. Dumb. We are so dumb.

My husband just finished a really stressful summer term of grad school, and hasn't run more than 10 miles a week all month. Yet he agreed to go on this run. I am not sure if he's awesome or slightly crazy.

Miles 1-4 were at around a 9:10 average, and we never really got near goal pace. Miles 5-8 were 8:20 average, and by that point it was really, uncomfortably hot. We both shed our shirts around mile 9 and then decided to call it quits at 10.75 miles. We then ducked into a running store to 'look around' (i.e. steal their air conditioning). After we cooled off we went into a nearby grocery store for coconut water and chocolate milk (well, coffee milk for me - SO GOOD!). And then we took the train home. I still call it a success, because we actually got out there and did something.

10.75 miles, 8:46 avg pace. 

I normally just use gels for fueling, but I took the Gu Chews yesterday - the Peach Tea flavor (2X caffeine, I am a caffeine hound). They were really good. K forgot to take gels (!) which isn't good because he's a big dude (6'1", 185) and needs to fuel more than I do. I shared my chews with him; he was very grateful. He didn't even tell me he forgot his gels - around 9.5 I was grabbing for some chews and asked if he wanted one and he yelled "YES!" in a super desperate tone, as if he was starving. haha.

We both returned home covered in a full-body crust of salt. Gross. We then subjected ourselves to the torture chamber - hot/cold contrast therapy. It works, but man, getting in a tub full of cold water is just cruel.

His face says it all, really.
So I hit my mileage goal this week - 5 runs, 36 miles. 

Today we finally cashed in a Gilt City deal and went to a RealRyder indoor cycling class. I've been once before, a few months ago. I used to spin 3-4 a week when I lived in CA; but since moving here, it just hasn't been a reality to do it as often. RealRyder bikes are meant to mimic the road bike a bit more, in that they move and you can make left and right 'turns'. It was a good cross-training workout, and I am sure that my ass will be very sore tomorrow.
Taint torture, right there.
So, do you other runners out there do other stuff for cardio cross training? I might hit up the gym a little later for a weight workout. We'll see.

Also, I'll be running at 6am for the rest of the summer. Guess I'll need to start going to bed at 9...

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