Sunday, July 8, 2012

Long Run Sunday & Week recap

I ran 8 miles on Friday, and aimed to do 4 miles at lactate threshold (15K-half marathon pace) but again wilted in the heat. Friday and Saturday were super hot and humid and I definitely suffered.

lots of sweat
I think I managed 3 at 8:10 pace and then had to slow down. I then realized I had a Gilt City deal for yoga that expired that day, so like an idiot I went to yoga after my super sweaty 8-miler. I told myself it was only a 1-hour class and it would feel good. Well the instructor must have sensed I was already exhausted, because she proceeded to inflict on us the hardest 60-minute yoga class ever. I think I sweat more in that class than I did on my run. 

Got this on both sides though!

By that afternoon was I totally exhausted and guzzling water like a champ. I rested and then realized we needed to get moving, so the only solution for my terrible hair was a braid. This is my most successful fishtail to date.

I'm so proud

We went to see Ted (which was totally hilarious) and then for cocktails:

jalepeno-infused tequila concoction for me, bourbon fest for Mr. K

We got some food and got home at a decent hour and went to bed. But the next day I felt like death all day, and I am positive it wasn't the cocktails. I think I just overdid it. I could barely walk around the harbor without wanting to stop and sit down.

So I guess today's medium-long run was pretty uneventful. It was hot, hot enough for me to take my shirt off and just run in a sports bra - which is really hot, because I hate my stomach. I am perfectly normal height/weight, but my stomach has always been meh. Will probably always be meh, and I've become okay with that.

Sidenote: I had a conversation with my husband a few nights ago about how running finally made me stop obsessing over food and my weight. It made me care less about what the scale said or the size of my clothes, and more about treating myself well so that I can perform to the best of my abilities. I have never been good at any sports, or been athletic at all - running has given me the experience to finally feel accomplished in that arena. I don't need to be a size 2 - I need to be strong so I can perform well!

So anyway, I set out to run today, and had a really hard time getting into it. I am not so good at short distances - it usually takes me a couple miles before I feel good and 'in the groove.' Today I would say I didn't feel like I hit my stride until mile 5 or 6. And I was right where I wanted to be pace-wise (about 90% of MGP) and then around mile 9, I misjudged my step and stumbled off the curb trying to accommodate an oncoming cyclist, and immediately felt I twinge in my general hip flexor/psoas area. It progressively got worse until I decided to throw in the towel around mile 12 and go home. I walked to Kenmore and took the T home. (sorry to those who were offended by my sweatiness)

12.12 miles, 8:47 avg/pace. First 3 miles were over 8, last 9 were under. Blah.

So I totally realized a couple hours ago that I signed up for a 5K that is tomorrow night. Oops? I am not sure that I will do it, and if I do, it certainly won't be a PR effort. We'll see. I also have my cardio echogram tomorrow. Fingers crossed I have a totally normal, boring heart.

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